Renovations and Remodeling: Welcome to The New Look!

I’ve made some fun new changes to the website and I hope you dig ’em!

New logo.  Yep, that one right up there!

New pages, like these:

Fat Loss Foodie Lifestyle Guide

Fat Loss Foodie Resources – UNDER CONSTRUCTION!  This will be my favorite cookbooks, websites, and a “catch all” for stuff I love and use on a regular basis:)

And an updated Recipe Index!

Next – I’m branching out to the brave, scary world of YouTube.  ((Oh. Ma’. Gosh.))  Late May/early June, there will be more video content here.  I feel it is important to prove that I’m an actual real person and not an elaborate hoax created by a 50-something-year-old man who lives in his mother’s basement, or like the fake girlfriend of the Notre Dame football player.  (The interweb is a scurry place; how DO you know I’m real?  RIGHT?!)

I’m definitely not expanding to YouTube because I love the sound of my own voice because ya’ll, it is like nails on a chalkboard to me.  (Seriously, to all of you who have been through BODYPUMP and BODYCOMBAT trainings with me and listened to be blather on for 2 days straight – “THAT IS NOT SET POSITION!” – I don’t know how you did it.)

I am adding videos MOSTLY because I get tons of questions from my online clients about specific exercises or recipes and it would be SO much more efficient for me to just hit “record” and ‘splain myself with my big girl words, as opposed to writing some really long, drawn out, detailed explanation kinda like I’m doing right now.


I want to make this website the coolest, best-est possible resource for you, so I’m always working to make it better.  If you have suggestions – stuff you’d like to see less of, more of, ideas for new content, etc. – then drop me a line!  I’m always open to feedback and I seriously love getting email from you:)

In closing, I would just like to bring your attention to important date: May 26.  “Arrested Development” Season 4 premiers on Netflix.


“Well I don’t know what I expected.”

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