Now we’re in business…

I hope you got a chuckle out of this photo taken on Memorial Day:

Secret Agent Man has just finished the very manly task of building his new grill – and I am already ransacking the internet for grill recipes.  Sadly, The Little Grill That Could has been replaced.  It completed one mission:(

There will be lots of grilled goodness to follow!  Speaking of, I can’t wait to visit the Pork Barrel BBQ boys, Heath Hall and Brett Thompson, at the Taste of Del Ray tomorrow.  We know it’s very important for you boys to be out kickin’ butt on the barbecue competition circuit, but that restaurant on Mt. Vernon Avenue ain’t gonna build itself!  Less travel, more building!;)  

It’s gonna be a good summer.  I can taste it!  Time to fire up the grill!

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