My Les Mills BODYPUMP “Best of 2013” Track List


1236262_10151876603228767_1541679011_nI’m teaching my last BODYPUMP of 2013 on Monday tonight and, to send the year out with an epic bang, I put together a list of my favorite tracks from this year’s releases: BODYPUMP 84-87.

(Although we as instructors received BP84 at the end of 2012, we didn’t launch it for the members until 2013, so that’s what I’m going by here…)

These are my favorite tracks from this year – not necessarily because they are the toughest, but because I love the music. No secret here: good music gets me fired up and drives everyone in the room to work harder.

1. Warm-up: “Heartbreak on Hold” – BODYPUMP 85

“Heartbreak on hold…”

Those three words make me smile!

This was the release we presented at my first Les Mills Quarterly in Midlothian, Virginia, back in March.  I remember standing there as this warm-up started, Les Mills Smart Bar in hand (man, those things are cool), looking out at all the awesome instructors who came to spend the day with us and just feeling nothing but love and pure joy.

2. Squats: “Antidote” – BODYPUMP 85

I remember the first time I heard this one.

“Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party? Who the heck are they?! Woah, this is different.  And I LIKE IT.”


3. Chest: “Welcome to the Jungle” – BODYPUMP 84

“BEND THE BAR!” – one of my favorite coaching cues ever because it completely changed the feeling of bench presses and made them so. much. harder.

A little confession: The first time I heard this track, I HATED it.  (Can I say that?  Am I going to get in trouble for that?  Hang on…stick with me here.)  At first listen, it sounded too busy and noisy to me, and I had a hard time connecting with it.

But I remembered some advice I got in an education session at one of my first Quarterly Workshops from Justin Sanchez:

“When you don’t connect with a song, coach the hell out of it.”

In other words, set a clear track objective and make that track ALL about your coaching.  I spent a lot of time scripting this track, and stopped whining about how much I “didn’t like the song.”

Then, as soon as I taught it, it CLICKED.  It became one of my favorite chest tracks EVER.  I love the workout in this track and note to self: NEVER “check out” of a track after listening to it one time.

4. Back: “Again & Again” – BODYPUMP 87

“We don’t evah’ stop!”

“Again and again, you raise your hands!”

HUGE track.  Loved the introduction of the Hang Clean in BODYPUMP this year and this track has it.

This one takes me straight back to the BODYPUMP 87 Master Class at Gold’s Gym Merrifield in November.  Almost 30 instructors in that training, 2 trainers, and this one just WENT.  OFF.


5. Triceps: “My Songs Know What You Did in The Dark” – BODYPUMP 87

Light ’em up.

Enough said.

6. Biceps: “Dark Side” – BODYPUMP 86

I love tracks that BUILD and this one does.  A great track to just pull back and Let. The woman. Sing.

(It’s Kelly Clarkson.  Respect the voice.)

7. Lunges:

It’s a tie!!  I can’t decide which track to teach!  Here are the choices:

“Spectrum” – BODYPUMP 85

Amazing song, plus you really can’t top two sets of plyometric straddle jumps on the bench.  It just leg-torching, lung-burning awesomeness.


“Don’t You Worry Child” – BODYPUMP 86

I love the build-up in this song before the single squats, and the plate press + calf raise was one of my favorite new moves of the year because it was so achievable for participants AND helped improve their posture in squats.

Help me decide!  Leave your pick in the comments below!

8. Shoulders: “This is How We Rock!” – BODYPUMP 85

Shoulders are my favorite body part to train when I’m lifting on the floor.  Lifting heavier outside of class + killer shoulder tracks like this have definitely increased my shoulder strength this year.

The walking crossover pushups – love.  Then the dramatic pause/recovery followed by 16 more single pushups.  AHHHH!!!!  So good.  When the heavy guitar kicks in for side raises + mac raises, the whole vibe in the room changes.  The big set of push presses at the end make everyone feel like a rock star;)

Note: I can no longer listen to this song when I’m driving for fear of a speeding ticket.  It makes me go fast.

9. Core: “She’s So Mean.”  – BODYPUMP 86

I *think* this track marked the introduction of the hip bridge to BODYPUMP.  BP Ab/Core tracks have definitely gotten harder in the last couple years since the introduction of CXWorx and I *love* it.  I remember when I first started taking BODYPUMP, the ab tracks were mostly crunches.  Yeah, no.  Not so much any more!

Also, it’s Matchbox 20.  And I love Rob Thomas:)

10. Cooldown: “Try” – BODYPUMP 86

“Just because it burns doesn’t mean you’re gonna die.  You gotta get up and try, try, try.” 

Truer words were never spoken.

Pink and BODYPUMP have a long history together, and it’s an appropriate note to end the year and this class on. I generally talk as little as possible in cool downs, but this one?  Almost complete silence.  I just can’t talk over her!


Ultimate Track List 2013I tend to teach releases start to finish and don’t do a lot of mixing tracks, but my last BODYPUMP class of 2013 calls for something special – and I think this is it!

BODYPUMP was my introduction to strength training and it changed my body and my life.  I’ve been teaching it since 2007 and can honestly say I love it now more than ever.

When I became a personal trainer, my love and appreciation for the program skyrocketed: I recommend all my clients take BODYPUMP 1-2 days a week when they aren’t training with me.  They literally change the shape of their bodies and start dropping pounds and inches and body fat.  I have yet to find the client this DOESN’T work for.

One of my female clients has gone from a size 16 to a size 8 – in 5 months.  She follows a Metabolic Effect diet, we train together 30 minutes once a week, and she takes BODYPUMP 1-2x a week.

Personal trainers out there – USE THIS PROGRAM to help your clients build their strength and endurance and develop a love of strength training!

I bleed red & black and have nothing but mad, mad love for this program and the direction it’s going.  CANNOT wait to see where BODYPUMP takes us in 2014!

Now off to the gym for a run through to make sure this works:)

BODYPUMP instructors and participants – what were YOUR favorite tracks this year and why?  Don’t forget to vote for a lunge track in the comments below!  THANK YOU!  Mwah!


8 Comments on My Les Mills BODYPUMP “Best of 2013” Track List

  1. Spectrum. No doubt about it! It’s on my “Best of 2013” playlist, too!

  2. Ooooh those are all good ones! I however must nominate option #3 for lunges: 87’s Sweet Nothing. First time I tried it was in a hotel room w/o weights a few weeks before launch week. Even though my regulars hate me during that track, I love that I feel results so quickly. I try and keep in the regular rotation because although it doesn’t get any easier, I can see improvement each time and add weights!

    • I agree it’s the hardest, but I gotta go music first. I DO love that song but it was so over-played on BPM all year that by the time it came out it lost its “oomph” for me.

  3. Tabatha Flegal | December 27, 2013 at 2:34 pm | Reply

    I love that the majority of your faves were from my starting release!! Whenever I throw that one in a few weeks after the newest release my participants look scared because of plyos, but when they try them and realize how strong they’ve gotten they look so HAPPY!! Love it!!! <3

  4. Josh Hasenohrl | February 9, 2014 at 7:31 am | Reply

    I’ve been teaching Pump since 2007 and have releases back to 63. I’m in the process of putting together the hardest of all of them geared more toward strength. Any suggestions?

    Lindsey – I agree – 87 is by far the hardest lunge track I have ever done!

  5. Have you had a chance to put together the best of 2014 bodypump songs? I think your 2013 list is great! I want to teach the best of on Monday night.

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