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My Favorite Healthy Eats

Justin’s Nut Butter  – One of my favorite snacks is Justin’s Almond Butter on apple slices or celery sticks.  The Maple Almond Butter is lightly sweetened and AMAZING, but if you REALLY want a treat – you gotta go Chocolate Hazelnut Butter.  Better than Nutella.

Protein Bakery – I have a major sweet tooth!  Protein Bakery cookies and minis are little “buffer” foods for me: treats I can have a couple times a week to keep me from feeling deprived WITHOUT feeling sick and disgusting (which often happens if you eat a clean diet and then indulge in a super-sweet, super-rich dessert).  They are made with oat flour and contain whey protein, and you can pronounce ALL the ingredients on the label (the same cannot be said of lots of food these days!)  The Ginger Oatmeal Cookies are my obsession and I love them mid-afternoon with a tall Cafe Americano.  :)

NOTE: If you live in the Arlington, Virginia area, you can find Protein Bakery goodies at South Block Smoothie & Wrap Co. in Clarendon, and at The Protein Bar in Ballston.

Tazo Tea – Zen and Refresh teas are my go-to green teas!  I brew them at home, but also get them at Starbucks.  HATED green tea until I discovered this stuff.

Tessamae’s All Natural Salad Dressing – I make a lot of my salad dressings and meat marinades from scratch, so I was skeptical when I sampled this at a Whole Foods in Arlington.  I sampled the Ranch Vinaigrette and Lemon Garlic and bought them on the spot:)  Awesome dressing is CRITICAL if I’m going to eat salad, and this stuff fits the bill.  The hot sauce (tastes like wing sauce) makes for a mean Buffalo chicken salad;)

ZenCat Bakery – What can I say, I love baked goods;)   I discovered these on a recent trip to the Green Bean, a coffee shop in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina.  A slice of ZenCat pumpkin bread with a small iced latte – a snack so good I had it two days in a row!  The brownie is out-of-control amazing, too.  These yummy treats are Gluten-free and Vegan, but you will seriously love them even if you aren’t!

My Favorite Fitness Gear & Tools

Athleta – My first shopping experience at their Georgetown/Washington, DC store turned me from a fire-breathing skorts-hater to the proud owner of two super cool Athleta skorts.  Amazing fabrics and great fit, but the REAL, friendly and sincere women that work at Athleta are my favorite part of shopping here:)  (Shout out to my client Joanna who works here!)

Les Mills – As a National Trainer for Les Mills, I wear a LOT of Les Mills gear and man, do I wear the heck out of it.  Hundreds of classes, hundreds of washes, and this stuff lives to see another class:)  I’m a huge fan of the recent changes in the clothing line, such as the addition of lightly-padded inserts in the women’s tanks/camisoles.

Trigger Point Therapy**
Horizontal Grid Banner Trigger Point Therapy has completely changed the way I care for my body before and after workouts.  I make my living as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, so I can’t afford injuries, aches, and pains.

GRID 1.0I could not live without my GRID foam roller!  It’s better than the foam rollers I was introduced to at my gym, which break down over time and lose their shape.  It comes in different sizes and you can attach the smaller GRIDS right to your gym bag strap or fit them in your suitcase.

The TP Massage Ball has become part of my daily routine, as I have lower back pain that responds very well to trigger point massage.  It’s small size means it can get deep into muscles and hit trigger points that are unreachable with the GRID.


**Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Trigger Point Performance Therapy, which means I receive a small amount of compensation for each time someone clicks through to their online shop and makes a purchase.  I do not receive compensation of any kind for the rest of the products listed here.  I simply recommend these companies because I love their products and use them in my daily life!

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