Fried Eggs Over Sweet Potatoes: Breakfast!!!!!!

Ever have one of those days where you wake up feeling invincible?  Like you’re ready to crush whatever comes at you?

Yeah – it’s one of those days, so I need good fuel for it!  Two eggs over a smashed baked sweet potato.  Never had this combo before, but it’s GENIUS!Best part.  Runny yolk.  Good protein, good fat, good carbohydrate, and GOOD DAY to you, sir, because I. Am. Outta here!

There is a workout named “Saki” with my name on it, a CX30 release 3 to be learned, and tonight, I get to see a whole room full of my favorite people in my Body Combat class!!  Let’s get on with it, Wednesday!

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  1. Love the breakfast. Looks like a great combo.

    How are you liking CX30? I haven’t tried it!

    • OH MY LORD, Jen. I just did a run through of the new CX30 release (#3) and it felt like needles jabbing my hips and butt after the two standing strength tracks. OOHHH THE PAIN!!!! It is unreal. That must be good for me, right?
      Seriously though, my core was weak sauce before CX30, but after teaching/taking this class for the last few months, I have felt/seen some dramatic improvements.

  2. I can’t tell you how excited I am about Combat tonight :) And how jealous I am of your yummy breakfast!

  3. I said, “GOOD. DAY.”
    Interesting combo… and we just happen to have a spare sweet potato lying around here. Breakfast for lunch!

    • Bake that sweet potato, scoop out the innards and plop a couple fried eggs on it. I made this sweet potato hash one time and put fried eggs on top. That’s where I got the idea. Totally works.
      “Good day, sir!” – in a proper Brit accent of course. And I haven’t even watched a Jane Austen movie lately.

  4. Michelle Derry | October 23, 2011 at 9:30 pm | Reply

    Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog! I’m a fellow Body Pumper and just took the CXWorx training in September and for first time taught Body Pump 79 followed by CXWorx 3 yesterday. It was awesome! Love the new challenge! Ever made a sweet potato smoothie? It’s my favorite recovery drink!

    • Hi Michelle! Thanks for “stumbling” by and saying hi!!! Always great to meet a fellow instructor. And how ’bout that CXWorx, right!?!? It’s a toughie…I LOVE IT! Stay in touch!

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