Behind the scenes: My Story

This video explains a little about why I created Fat Loss Cooking School.

Did it resonate with you?

I got so fed up with eating healthy food that didn’t taste good, with “diet bouncing” from one strict eating plan to the next.

I finally decided:


1. If it doesn’t taste good and absolutely rock my taste buds off, I don’t care how healthy it is – I’m not eating it.

2. I’m done with these “fitness” and “diet” recipes from trainers who don’t know their ass from their elbow in the kitchen.  (Especially since many of their recipes are loaded with fake, processed foods like artificial sweeteners and junky protein powders.)

3. I was tired of all the conflicting information put out by the fitness industry – “Eat carbs, no don’t eat carbs.  Fast for 16 hours. Eat 1 big meal a day.  NO – eat 6 smalls meals a day.  You need x grams of protein each day.  No you don’t.  Eating too much protein is bad.”

How does ANYONE stay sane?  It’s no wonder we’re all going crazy:)


Fat Loss Cooking School is my way of teaching you everything I learned the HARD WAY, over the course of several years, in just 4 weeks.  It’s how I went from a size 12 (and even those were getting tight) to a size 4/6 and how I stay lean year-round.

Join me for 4 weeks of food, fun, and fat loss!

Learn the skills you need for more confidence in the kitchen – and life!

The next Fat Loss Cooking School starts Spring 2015.


Registration for Spring 2015 Fat Loss Cooking School will be open soon!  

Get details here or sign up NOW to take advantage of Early Bird registration (a $70 savings!)  


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